Total Sediment Thickness of the World's Oceans & Marginal Seas, Version 2

browse graphicImage of total sediment thickness of the world's oceans and marginal seas, Version 2
NGDC's global ocean sediment thickness grid (Divins, 2003) has been updated for the Australian-Antarctic region (60?? -155?? E, 30?? -70?? S). New seismic reflection and refraction data have been used to add detail to the conjugate Australian and Antarctic margins and intervening ocean floor where previously regional sediment thickness patterns were poorly known. On the margins, sediment thickness estimates were computed from velocity-depth functions from sonobuoy/refraction velocity solutions ground-truthed against seismic reflection data. For the Southeast Indian Ridge abyssal plain, sediment thickness contours from G??li et al. (2007) were used. The new regional sediment thickness grid was combined with NGDC's original ocean sediment thickness grid (Divins, 2003) to create an updated global grid of ocean sediment thickness. Even using the minimum estimates, sediment accumulations on the extended Australian and Antarctic continental margins are 2 km thicker across large regions and up to 9 km thicker in the Ceduna Basin compared to NGDC's original sediment thickness grid (Divins, 2003), which has been deprecated but is still available.
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DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
Dataset Point of Contact Joanne Whittaker
Marine Geoscientist
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
+61 (0) 3 6226 6367
Time Period 2003-12-31 to 2013-05-20
Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates
N: 80.0000
S: -70.0000
E: 360
W: 0
Spatial Coverage Map
Associated Resources
  • Global Sediment Thickness Dataset updated for the Australian-Antarctic Southern Ocean
Publication Dates
  • publication: 2013-05-20
Edition Version 2
Data Presentation Form Digital model - multi-dimensional digital representation of a feature, process, etc.
Dataset Progress Status Complete - production of the data has been completed
Data Update Frequency As needed
Purpose To update NGDC's global sediment-thickness database for use by researchers and interested public.
  • Joanne Whittaker
    Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
  • DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
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  • EARTH SCIENCE>OCEANS>Marine Sediments
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  • Sediment Thickness
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  • H : 1 km - < 10 km or approximately .01 degree - < .09 degree
  • V : 1 meter - < 10 meters
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  • Ocean>Atlantic Ocean
  • Ocean>Indian Ocean
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  • Vertical Location>Sea Floor
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    Processing Steps
    • 2015-04-22T00:00:00 - NOAA created the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) by merging NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), and National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), including the National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC), per the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, Public Law 113-235. NCEI launched publicly on April 22, 2015.
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    Processing Steps
    • 2013-01-01T00:00:00 - We compute new, regional 5-minute resolution sediment thickness grids using seismic reflection and refraction derived sediment thicknesses for the southern Australian and conjugate Antarctic Wilkes Land margins, merged with sediment thickness data from G??li et al. (2007) for the intervening abyssal plains. Values from the NGDC global sediment thickness grid (Divins, 2004) were used for areas not covered by the other data sets.
    Source Datasets
    • Thermal regime of the Southeast Indian Ridge between 88??E and 140??E: Remarks on the subsidence of the ridge flanks
      • Geological framework of the continental margin in the region of the Australian Antarctic Territory
        • A revised structural framework for frontier basins on the southern and southwestern Australian continental margin
          • Nature of the continent-ocean transition on the non-volcanic rifted margin in the central Great Australian Bight
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