Satellite Ocean Heat Content Suite

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This collection contains an operational Satellite Ocean Heat Content Suite (SOHCS) product generated by NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). The operational algorithm implemented was developed at the University of Miami/Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS). The SOHCS product measures the integrated vertical temperature from the sea surface to the depth of the 26°C isotherm. The Algorithm uses a reduced gravity model to estimate the 20 degree isotherm depth based on objectively analyzed blended sea surface height anomaly fields from operational altimeters (Satellite with ARgos and ALtiKa (SARAL), Jason-1, Jason-2 and Cryosat-2) and Geo-Polar blended SST analyses. The data consists of seven parameters including sea surface height anomaly and its mapping error, depth of the 20° and 26° Celsius isotherm, mixed layer depth, ocean heat content and sea surface temperature. The grid spacing of the data in both latitude and longitude is 0.25°.
  • Cite as: Donahue, David; US DOC/NOAA > National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) (2015). Satellite Ocean Heat Content Suite. [indicate subset used]. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. Accessed [date].
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Distributor DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
Dataset Point of Contact Information Services
DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
Time Period 2012-08-27 to Present
Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates
N: 60
S: -50
E: 180
W: -180
Spatial Coverage Map
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Publication Dates
  • publication: 2015-12-16
  • revision: 2020-08-02
Data Presentation Form Digital table - digital representation of facts or figures systematically displayed, especially in columns
Dataset Progress Status Ongoing - data is continually being updated
Historical archive - data has been stored in an offline storage facility
Data Update Frequency As needed
Purpose This product will be used to improve hurricane intensity forecasts and increase lead time warnings for high impact events. It will also provide information about ocean eddies, vertical temperature profiles and sea surface temperature anomalies that may affect coral reefs.
Use Limitations
  • accessLevel: Public
  • Distribution liability: NOAA and NCEI make no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding these data, nor does the fact of distribution constitute such a warranty. NOAA and NCEI cannot assume liability for any damages caused by any errors or omissions in these data. If appropriate, NCEI can only certify that the data it distributes are an authentic copy of the records that were accepted for inclusion in the NCEI archives.
Dataset Citation
  • Cite as: Donahue, David; US DOC/NOAA > National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) (2015). Satellite Ocean Heat Content Suite. [indicate subset used]. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. Accessed [date].
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  • oceanography
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Use Constraints
  • Cite as: Donahue, David; US DOC/NOAA > National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) (2015). Satellite Ocean Heat Content Suite. [indicate subset used]. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. Accessed [date].
Access Constraints
  • Use liability: NOAA and NCEI cannot provide any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of furnished data. Users assume responsibility to determine the usability of these data. The user is responsible for the results of any application of this data for other than its intended purpose.
  • In most cases, electronic downloads of the data are free. However, fees may apply for custom orders, data certifications, copies of analog materials, and data distribution on physical media.
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Output Datasets
Acquisition Information (collection)
  • GOES Imager
  • JAMI
  • Poseidon-3 altimeter
  • satellite sensor - altimeter
  • GOES-13
  • GOES-15
  • JASON-1
  • Jason-2
  • Meteosat-10 (MSG3, Third METEOSAT Second Generation Satellite)
  • MetOp-B (Meteorological Operational satellite-B)
  • MTSAT-2 (Himawari 7)
  • Suomi NPP
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